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5 Popular HR Trends In This Era

There is a shift going on in the world of work.

Organizations will definitely need to rise to the challenge of changing practices and behaviours to meet the trends and needs of the world. The culture of transformation must be kept in mind at all times.

Here are 5 HR Trends that are currently on the rise

Skill-Based Hiring: This focuses on a candidate’s practical skills, knowledge and performance rather than formal qualifications. Employers are gradually realizing that a college degree isn’t always the answer. In the past, HR managers would concentrate on requirements such as specific educational degrees, referrals and relevant work experience when trying to fit a candidate to a role.

Hybrid-Work Policies: A study by Gallup reports that “Hybrid work has increased in 2022 (from 42% in February to 49% in June) and is expected to further increase to 55% of remote-capable workers by the end of 2022 and beyond.” This is because employees have embraced the benefits of flexible work and rejected the now seemingly ancient culture of fully onsite work.

People-First Culture: Companies have now re-defined employee experience to focus not just on the work, but also on well-being, certain perks and benefits, employee bonding activities and so much more. People culture in organizations has been redefined.

Upskilling of Employees: Organizations are now giving employees the opportunity and access to improve their existing skills in order to bridge organizational gaps. Upskilling initiatives include – new responsibilities, attending conferences and workshops, mentorship and so on.

Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Organizations are now recognizing the importance of the intersection of identities, without being gender biased, generation biased nor  religiously or culturally biased

What do you think, and how has your Organization risen to meet these trends?

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